The Beginning

While Jamie started out teaching Zumba and Toning Classes at a dance school in 2008, her following grew fast and she opened her own location in 2011 so she could offer MORE.

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Now, All IN Fitness specializes in Transformations and offers a huge variety of classes and times, as well as personal training, nutrition and mindset coaching, and MORE FUN!



Jamie, Founder

Jamie started out in the late 90's taking Salsa classes in NYC with some of the best. Her like for taking classes turned into an obsession of dancing after work for hours to learn as much as possible. She performed in clubs, at the NYC piers and even traveled for competitions. When her “day” job relocated her to NH in 2007, she wanted to continue dancing so she found Zumba®.

That was only the beginning... She wanted more and got further certified in Personal Training, Nutrition, Supplements, and other classes like HIIT, Tabata, Toning & Sculpting, Kickboxing , Pound™, Cize™, and MORE! She also has a love for training athletes, since she has always been one. She thrives in that team environment, which is probably why you can feel the energy fly off her when you are at ALL IN.




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Bonnie, Lead Trainer

Bonnie's journey into fitness and nutrition began in the late 90's taking classes at a local gym. The energy that drew her in took over and she started teaching group fitness in Bristol, NH, creating a fun active lifestyle for the community. Fitness has always been a part of her life and she is very passionate in sharing it with others. Joining All In Fitness has given her more fuel and inspiration.

Bonnie is certified in class offerings like P90X™, INSANITY™, TurboKICK™, CIZE™ Country Heat™, PiYo Live™, Group Fitness & Bootcamp, as well as small group and personal training, nutrition and supplements. You know when Bonnie is around as the volume and energy go up, weights get moved around, and so does your body composition.