All In Fitness Tips – The Food That Burns Fat While You Sleep

Everyone’s schedule is slightly different.

With so many work and family responsibilities many of us find ourselves either…

Eating dinner later in the evening or craving some food before bed.

It’s not easy, especially when you’re trying to tone up and drop a couple of pounds.

Here are a few ideas for you…

Give this a shot  – (make it happen)…

The Two to Three Hour Cut Off.

The rule is simple. Nothing to eat two to three hours before bed. Water only.

Research seems mixed on this subject. But those in favor point to better sleep and the time allowing your digestive system to rest to be very helpful.

Then… And I’m sure we can all agree and have heard this before…

Big meals before bed are a big No-No!

But if you have to eat closer to bed what’s the best food to choose?

Before we get to the food. I want to say. Do your own research here to find out what works best for your body.

There is one food that keeps coming up.

One food that all the “experts” seem to point to as one that will burn fat while you sleep.

What is it? … Cottage Cheese is the food that burns fat while you sleep.

Until Next Time… Keep Working Toward Your Goals!

Jamie D.

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